Room Rental

Welcome to our vibrant space at Blackwood Well-Being Centre, where we offer a total of 9 unique and versatile rooms for rent, each thoughtfully designed to accommodate a diverse range of therapeutic practices.

For those engaged in counselling and talking therapies, our rooms feature comfortable chairs, dedicated working desks, and a harmonious blend of low-level ambient lighting and bright room lighting to create the perfect atmosphere.

If your services involves bodywork, our specialised rooms are equipped with convenient hot and cold running water. You’ll find a welcoming seating area for consultations, a functional desk for your work, and a saddle stool for added flexibility.

You may also take your pick from our selection of couches, ranging from electric to static, tailored to your specific needs and the room you choose. Additionally, these rooms also boast a combination of subtle and vibrant lighting options.

Set within an enchanting old building, each room has its own distinctive character—some featuring large bay windows for ample natural light, while others offer charming views of the bustling high street. Tucked away at the back of the building, each space radiates in its own unique charm, creating the perfect environment for therapeutic use.

Rent a therapy room

Blackwood Well-Being Centre gives you flexibility to run your practice in a convenient location at a time to suit you. The booking is process is simple and can be done via our web-based booking system.

Our rooms start from as little as £4 an hour with a variety of tariffs depending on length and frequency of the rental period. Please contact Kathy for a chat. Long term bookings are available please contact us for more information.

All room costs include heating, electric, water, wi-fi and business rates.

Practitioners need to provide up to date copies of their qualifications, insurance certificate to practice and public liability insurance along with membership with a professional body. In return we will add you to our website so users of Blackwood Well-Being Centre can see what therapies you offer.

Room Rental

Blackwood Wellbeing Centre is an old and quirky building above Lloyds Bank. Perfectly located with parking close by for clients and excellent rail and bus links. For therapists we have an onsite car-park with security lighting and barrier entry.

We have nine lovely rooms which are all individually furnished giving you the perfect space to practice your therapy.

Our therapy rooms are comfortable and safe with intercom entry, wi-fi, secure parking,  and the use of a waiting room, kitchen and a WC.

The Rooms

The Relaxed Room

This room is located at the front of the building and looks out across the high street. It is predominantly used for talking therapies. It has a cosy but spacious feel and offers subdued lighting, a sofa and easy chair, coffee table and a bureau for writing up your client notes.

Our professional room

This room looks across the high street and comes with two easy chairs and coffee table, subdued lighting a smart desk. It feels safe and inviting, yet a bit more business like than our other rooms.

Room 5

Our next room is also perfect for talking therapies or as a space for consultations and sharing information. It’s at the back of the building and the afternoon sun is gorgeous when it shines through the window.  This room feels very intimate and personal. It has two comfortable tub chairs, coffee table and a desk for the never ending paper-work!

Room 7

This particular room at the front of the building over looks the high street and is used for body-work. It has hot and cold running water and storage cupboards along with a small seating area for consultations. Subdued lighting and an electric treatment table make this room perfect for many different therapies.  

Room 8

Our next therapy room has a ‘Freudian’ feel, a large desk with swivel chair and a comfortable reclining chair with foot stool make this the perfect space for therapies like Hypnotherapy. Again subdued lighting and cosy soft furnishings give a comfortable and safe feel to the room.

Room 9

This beautiful room has an amazing bay window and window seat overlooking the high street. It is our larger body-work room and comes with subdued lighting, an adjustable massage bed, desk, saddle stool and storage, along with hot and cold running water. It also has a small seating area for consultations.

Rates, How can we help you?

We have 9 rooms available to rent, all of them suitable for a variety of therapies.

Rooms used for counselling and talking therapies all have comfortable chairs, a desk for working and both low level lighting and bright room lighting.

Our rooms for body-work are all have hot and cold running water. They are equipped with a comfortable seating area for consultations. A desk for working at and a saddle stool. We have a variety of couches available, both electric or static depending on your needs and the room booked. All rooms have both subtle and bright lighting available.

Being an old building all of our rooms feel different, some have large bay windows giving lots of light, some look out over the high street and some are tucked away at the back of the building. All of them are perfect for therapeutic use.

Our Rooms


This is a great place to work for so many reasons. I came here as a counsellor under a contract with my company. Kathy was so kind and welcoming. The rooms are spacious, bright and very comfortable for both myself and the clients. Clients told me many times how they enjoyed visiting the wellbeing centre as it always felt very calm.  I would absolutely consider renting this rooms privately if I were to go into private practice permanently. Great communication and fab location. Cant recommend enough! 

Kathy also provides a ramp for a disability users who struggle with the stairs. This is something that was greatly appreciated by some of my clients.

Maya Schofield


Nice clean spacious rooms, superb location on Blackwood High St.

Scalp Envy