Eco Promise

I have always been passionate about environmental care and this passion continues at Blackwood Well-Being Centre. We aim to be as eco-friendly as we can and to leave as small an imprint on the environment s possible.

What are we doing?


We have used recycled and responsibly sourced products were possible, our kitchen is made from recycled desks (left from the old offices) and we have reused as many items as possible.  When shopping or sourcing products and furniture we have used pre-loved items which have been re-covered or painted for a fresh look.

The Offices

Where possible we ask that users are responsible with the paper they use, not printing unnecessary forms, we use online platforms to securely store data eliminating the need for paper copies. All of our electricity is provided by wind and solar power through SoEnergy. We ask all users to use the sorting bins available to ensure as much rubbish as possible is recycled or composted. 

Your visit

All water provided for clients is filtered tap water, eliminating the need for plastic bottles. All catering at any events we hold uses reusable plates/dishes and as little waste as possible. We are water wise and have water saving toilets onsite. We collect rainwater and re-use what water we can in our indoor and outdoor plants.