Lisa Lee


I offer a professional, qualified counselling service to individuals over the age of 18. Membership of the BACP and adherence to its ethical framework ensures not only a safe service but one of high quality and maintained standards.

I am passionate about, and committed to, working with individuals to help them explore their feelings and issues to gain a sense of choice, self awareness and empowerment.

As a qualified humanistic existential counsellor, my role is to provide you with a safe confidential space. A space to feel valued, heard and one where you are respected as the expert in your life. The humanistic existential model is very client-centred and our course of exploration is driven by you….It’s your time, your space and we travel at the speed you choose. 

I place huge value and importance on the relationship between counsellor and client and will always seek to, and strive for, one that is bound by openness, honesty, warmth and non judgemental acceptance of people from all backgrounds, cultures and walks of life.

The humanistic existential model is one that can consider the past and the future but is very much grounded in the present. It allows for past feelings/events to be explored as much as a client needs to but ultimately it focuses on how today is feeling and how we can make the future feel better.

This approach not only allows us to explore our relationships with ourselves, others and the world around us it also helps us to consider our sense of freedom and how we make our choices, are they ones we take responsibility for? It considers the fact that a sense of meaning and purpose is ours to create and the fact that despite sharing our world and lives with others each experience and feeling we have is unique to us as individuals. It addresses the anxiety felt at trying to make this life our best life and the uncertainties that rock the solid foundations that we try to build.

I am at the centre every Wednesday.

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