Kathy Griffiths


Hi my name is Kathy, I am a counsellor and I run Blackwood Wellbeing Centre. I offer a range of services to help you in the best way I can. I am a mother, a wife and a daughter. Sometimes we get caught up in the rush of modern life and forget to capture the moments that encapsulate what life is really all about. If you’re feeling lost or alone, it’s better to talk about it. I operate a judgement free zone where I will listen and let you express yourself. I want the best for you, that is my sole priority.  I understand the pressures and struggles that a modern life can sometimes possess. I am available Monday to Friday.

I offer a professional, qualified counselling service to all individuals. Membership of the BACP and adherence to its ethical framework ensures not only a safe service but one of high quality and maintained standards. I can help with anxiety, depression, bereavement, work stress, relationship problems or I can just be a person who can listen. 

Some of my hobbies include walking my two beautiful dogs, playing with my very funny chickens and ducks! Or just relaxing on a Sunday afternoon after a long hard week.

To get in contact you can find me at: kathygriffithscounselling@outlook.com or call me on 07425197132 for more information.
All sessions are £50.

As a passionate and certified Mental Health Counsellor, my experience allows me to understand the best ways to address each client’s needs in an effective manner. I am flexible in my approach and use collaboration as the basis of my therapy—ensuring a comfortable, safe environment where we can work together on your goals. To learn more, click on one of the buttons above.


Kathy, thank you so much! Your help and support has been invaluable.

Kathy, You are the coolest and most kind lady! I was so lucky to have found you when I did. You have helped me in so many ways but mostly you have taught me how to put myself first and be happy as who I am. Your kindness with stick with me always. Thank you.

I first reached out to Kathy to help navigate what seemed like the end of my marriage, it was a very emotional time and I couldn’t trust what the right decision going forward. Kathy made me feel so at ease within the first session, she really broke down the core issues in my marriage and helped us be brutally honest with each other to help build a foundation of trust and for us to work towards the same goals. Each session, as different issues came up, Kathy really helped to get to the heart of any miscommunications and helped us reconnect in a helpful and respectful way. A few months after starting counselling with Kathy my life completely changed due to ill health. Again, Kathy completely adapted to the situation and became such an important lifeline in what was a very very dark time for me. She showed such empathy and when things looked really bleak, helped me see the silver linings and helped keeping me focused on things I could control. Kathy has put in such work with me over our time together and it really shows. My husband and I are happy and secure in our marriage, I don’t think we’ve ever been so connected in the 13 years we’ve been together. Even with my health issues, I still feel positive about the future. I really couldn’t recommend Kathy enough to anyone that needs that support. She is an amazing counsellor and just a wonderful person to know.