CHANGES Life Coaching with Al Roberts

For all seasons

CHANGES Life Coaching model is a six-week programme of empowerment to focus on you and where you are in life. The process will bring you to a decision and choice around a goal that is most important for you and will light up a clear path to enable you to get there.

During the many seasons of life, we are asked to change and this can be hard and often painful. Coaching can help to illuminate the season you are in and put you back in control, placing YOU at the very centre of your life. It is so easy to become lost in other people, and all those ‘shoulds’ and ‘aughts’ that we lose sight of who we are and where we are going.

After twenty-three years of working in a busy education environment, I have decided to take the best bits of working in a college; namely, talking to and working with people and make it my life’s work.

I trained and qualified as a counsellor, which I enjoyed, but wanted more tools to work with, so I looked at Mediation and Conflict Management, as so often people are in conflict with others or conflict with themselves. I found mediation to be brave and courageous and I celebrated resolving misunderstandings.

I am passionate about coaching, it is hard working, powerful and will work with you to develop successful wins. I am a counsellor and a mediator, but I fell in love with coaching, it gave me the vision and permission to grip and pursue what I wanted. It can do the same for you too.

My pursuit has been to work with people on an individual basis at relational depth, and to simplify support. I trained in Restorative Approach next which linked counselling skills, mediation and a sense of letting things go. I was, however, still looking for the tool that I could immerse myself in Mentoring was always part of my work with colleagues and young people and this helped me to find coaching as part of Mentoring and Coaching qualification. Once I studied and understood coaching, I had found my thing… I fell in love with the process, and I am a passionate disciple of coaching.

My business is small, preferring to work with one or two clients at a time to really focus and dedicate the time to progressing people out of feeling indecisive or stuck.

Together, we can be successful.

To find out more or to book a session, please contact me on 07814602838.

I look forward to talking with you,