Lina Jan

Trained Psychologist and Certified Life Coach


  • Resilience level assessment using ResilienceBuilder® assessment tool + 1.5 hours debrief session.
  • Self-leadership and Resilience Coaching.
  • Reflective Practice Support Groups Facilitation.
I am a trained psychologist and a certified Life Coach governed by the Association for Coaching. Currently, I am studying for a psychology-related postgraduate degree at the University of Exeter and training as a Neurodynamic Breathwork Facilitator. I collaborate with my clients, combining my knowledge of different but closely related modalities to tailor a holistic, bespoke coaching approach and package for each individual client.
As the founder of Redefine & Rewire Coaching and Training company, I offer more than just individual coaching sessions. I deliver Sustainable Self-leadership training workshops for teams and provide Motivational/Educational Public Speaking services.

About Coaching

Often, coaching is misunderstood and is often confused with mentoring. This confusion is understandable given that the word ‘coach’ is frequently associated with sports, where a coach’s role is to teach, train, and mentor. However, the coaching approach I use is more akin to facilitation. It involves creating the right conditions for personal and professional growth.

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This non-directive approach isnt attached to any particular school of thought other than the foundational premise that we all have within us exactly what we need to steer our lives toward fulfilment. In line with this premise, when you ask, “What should I do?” you can expect me to respond with, “What do YOU think you COULD do?”

My coaching approach aims to empower and equip you with sustainable self-leadership and self-management skills so you can continue to thrive independently.

Is coaching the right approach for you?

If any of the below sound relatable, coaching might be right for you.

  • You feel directionless, not knowing what ‘good life’ would even look like
  • You feel unfulfilled
  • You feel powerless in your life
  • You feel overwhelmed by the state of the world but feel powerless
  • You feel like your current life is not in alignment with your innermost values
  • You generally feeling ‘stuck’
  • You tend to procrastinate
  • You’d like to develop better habits
  • You’d like to build more authentic relationships with those around you
  • You have fears, such as of public speaking, of being disliked, of failure, which hold you back from taking action
  • You know where you want to arrive at (whether it’d be personal, professional, social or societal spheres) but you don’t know how the bridge the present and the desired future
  • You feel disillusioned and burnt out because nothing you do seems to get you closer to your envisioned life
  • You find it difficult to make decisions
  • You find it difficult to follow through with you action plans
If you’re unsure whether coaching is right for you, feel free to book a free 35-minute Zoom call with me by clicking here
Upon request, an in-person 45-minute Discovery meeting at the Blackwood Wellbeing Centre can be arranged for a £28 charge. You can also reach out via email at or by phone at 07743 372171.


Prices vary depending on the bespoke approach blend and package we build together and the delivery method (remote or in-person).

For reference, an individual 60-minute session starts at £70. Additionally, for every 10 full-price paying clients, I offer a 12-session package at half the price to someone who could benefit from coaching but currently cannot afford the full price.