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I'm Samantha, previously a tutor in Beauty and Holistic Therapies. I trained as a mature student at Cardiff Metropolitan University in Podiatry (BSc Hons).

An HPC registered Allied Health Professional helping to keep the feet of the community mobile and pain free. 

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Podiatry and Chiropody

I offer a high level of foot care, covering various specialisms to relieve pain and help you maintain your desired activity levels. I assess, treat and prevent a wide range of conditions including Corns and Callus, Nail Care including Fungal Nails, Ingrown Toe Nails, Verrucae and Warts, Diabetic Foot Care, Athletes Foot, Bunions.


Ear Wax Removal

I can see if you have earwax blockage by looking in your ear. I use a special tool that lights and magnifies your inner ear and can remove excess wax by using a small, curved tool called a curet.


Clinics run at the Wellbeing Centre on Mondays

Call 01495422055 to book

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